Covid Requirements - All attendees, 18 and over, must be fully vaccinated by first day of camp. NO EXCEPTIONS. You must show proof of vaccination on application form. All others, under 18, must show proof of vaccination on health form, or provide proof of negative Covid test within 72 hours before camp. This also includes admit to bus transportation.

June 15-18, 2022

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Arizona Rotary Youth Leadership Awards

Apply to JR RYLA !!

Read this Stuff First!

  1. You MUST have a digital photo to complete this application. It MUST be no larger than 1000kb. You will be REQUIRED to upload the picture directly in the application form. If you do not have a digital photograph, talk to your Interact club sponsor BEFORE YOU BEGIN THE APPLICATION PROCESS to ask how they can help you get such a photo.
  2. Please name your photo "LASTNAME-FIRSTNAME.jpg" so we will know who you are! PLEASE do not use a photo that includes friends, family, neighbors etc.
  3. After you complete the primary application and click "CONTINUE", you will proceed to the Health History form. If the page does NOT move to a new screen, one or more required items may not have been completed. Recheck all your answers, and be sure that all required items are filled. If you see warnings written in RED underneath a cell, that means there is something wrong with that answer. Correct it, then click "CONTINUE" again. You will proceed to the Health History Form.
  4. After you complete the Health History form, you will receive TWO emails: one with your completed application, and one with your health history information. PLEASE save these for future reference.
  5. If you are an Adult Volunteer, clicking "I Agree" and submitting your application constitutes your signature; you do not need to submit a 'hard copy'.

IF YOU ARE HAVING PROBLEMS WITH THE APPLICATION PROCESS, CONTACT THE WEBMASTER via EMAIL. (   Make sure to include your phone number in your email.

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