June 12-15, 2024

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How do I apply as a JR RYLA Student Delegate?

PLEASE NOTE:  RYLA 5495 Wamatochick will take place summer of 2024 (June 12-15);    


If you are in Junior High School (Outgoing 6th grade - Outgoing 8th grade) you may apply for the District 5495 Wamatochick JR RYLA program. 

To apply, please do the following:

  1. You MUST apply online. Go to the student/delegate application link on this website. Complete BOTH THE STUDENT APPLICATION AND THE STUDENT HEALTH FORM.
  2. Make sure to attach a current JPG picture where indicated, labeled with YOUR name. Please submit a picture only of yourself…. Not a picture of you with your friends, neighbors, etc.
  3. You should receive an email copy of both your completed application and health form.  PLEASE save this for possible future reference. 
  4. Following your application, you should hear from a member of the RYLA 5495 Wamatochick Team via email. if you do not respond, we will assume you are no longer interested in being RYLA Delegate applicant.
  5. If you are selected to attend RYLA, commitment for the entire four day/ three night event is mandatory. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: If for some reason you DO NOT receive a copy of either your application or your health form via email; please notify the Registrar for assistance. ASAP.

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