Conference Dates: June 17-20, 2020

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Arizona Rotary Youth Leadership Awards


What is expected of a delegate?

You will be expected to:

How much does RYLA cost?

NOTHING! Local Rotary Clubs sponsor each delegate. The cost for the full weekend's program, including accommodation and catering, is sponsored by the local Rotary Clubs. There is no need to bring money with you for the weekend.  There is nowhere to spend it.

How can I apply?

Complete directions are included on the Delegates page.


What are the accomodations like?

Our RYLA event is held at Camp Wamatochick in Prescott Arizona.  The rooms are in various buildings with shared bath facilities and sleeping rooms.

Girls and boys are in separate facilities.

You will need a sleeping bag.  See the section on what to bring.

What to pack for the weekend?

RYLA is an activity weekend, and consequently designer clothes and jewelry should be left at home.

You will need to prepare for both indoor and outdoor activities and the suggested RYLA guidelines will be helpful when deciding what to pack for the weekend.

Who is eligible?

RYLA is for outstanding junior high school students(6-8 grades). They will be delegates who possess a high degree of positive leadership potential. They are students  who are motivated to experience new challenges and take responsibility to create positive actions.


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